In 2012, US based artists Lesli Robertson and Natalie Macellaio established The Mother Load, in an effort to encourage dialogue and connection between women who balance artistic careers and motherhood. This project is about recording these connections and finding ways to share, collaborate and support each other and our work.


    The Mother Load begins by sending small copper plates to individual artists and asking them to leave their fingerprint and that of their children. The copper plate oxidizes over time, gradually revealing this form of identity - one that changes the moment you become a mother. The second side of the copper plate holds a QR code that points to the artists’ website, tying this project back to the individual artist and the connection their hands have to their practice and their relationships.


    We ask each contributing artist to share about their role as an artist and mother, giving us a small window into their thoughts about their creative practice. These stories are shared under the tab - Artist-Mother Stories

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